Sunday, March 28, 2010


The following is a catalogue I put together, to give myself an overview of my work in (almost) chronological order so far. I did this because I feel I need to pin point what it is I am trying to do in my own practice, hopefully this will help... also it looks nice...

Friday, March 19, 2010

Old bits from sketchbooks i wanted to save...

'The 90’s and 00’s will seem so long ago. The future will come and we will look back at the past the same way our own parents do now. If we don’t live our lives how we want, we will regret it when we are old… and we will be old, and grey. That’s exactly why we have to live as we should and want and need to. Our children and their children- generations- the future; its’ imminent so do whatever. Fuck justifying everything you are. You are living in a memory. I am going to get old and look back. ALL WE HAVE IS RIGHT NOW.'
'Living is subjective… But living in limerick is something else. Any remote scent of ambition is quickly snubbed out. LIMERICK IS A VEGITARIAN SNAKE BEING FED IT’S OWN TAIL.
Living is what you make of it! Limerick is ‘Countdown’ after yer man died. LIMERICK IS THE STRAIGHT TO DVD SEQUEL TO DUBLIN! Limerick is… ‘Gimme out yer phone!’

'Do not live in fear. DO NOT, NOT DO! Did curiosity kill the cat 9 times?
‘Here is a bouquet of flowers to help pass the hours,
An exchange for change,
Stop, release- reform.
Inconsequential is as does.’
So very weird. I tried to think of nothing there for ages, just to meditate on it and I started eliminating all the external sounds and stuff and I could hear my heart beat and breathing way clearer after a while. Then everything started feeling fuzzy but I didn’t follow through when it got intense.
‘Words in print, on plinth.
Encapsulation via plentification.
Doing away with poetry and all man’s invention.
For it never was and always will be.
Where to begin?'
There is no telling how many us’es existed previous. If the universe is ageless and infinite this could have all happened before. Lifetimes lived and vanished. Celestial books in long gone libraries. When you remove the mystical and are left with the purely physical, something happens.
Certainty: nothing matters.
Ensuing: depression.
Solace: in endless possibility?'

The artist says; ‘Art is a system which claims not to be a system. The writer says; ‘This just won’t do!’.
The artist uses a variety of medium to convey a sense of something intangible. The artist does not want to tell the viewer how to see his work or to experience it as he did, because there is no way someone else will ever see it that way. The artist wants the viewer to come to their own decision on their own terms.
The ‘artist’ is very skeptical of art , but he is not a skeptic. After reading the last sentence he now feels like a moany bitch. He has won the Turner and Noble art prizes.

Monday, March 15, 2010

'Doing It Yourself' is trying to become lucid in this dream. Post mystical spirituality.'