Thursday, February 17, 2011

///PARTY WOUNDS/// (an update in C minor..thats the depressed/uplifting chord right?)

(insert disclaimer justifying ambiguous and autodiographical nature of the following content as a means of therapy for the author - fuck diary vs blog politics :) )

Recently life has shown me something I haven't seen before and I've realised just how the combination of 'growing up' and overthinking the concept of 'eternity' can really fuck with ones head. I didn't know it was possible to feel certain ways. I always thought my blind idealist optimism made me immune to such things. What has felt like the worlds longest, scaggiest comedown has also been a time of enormous education for me... Mother fucking, goat raping, fuck witting, jack the raper, get out of my head existenial personal dilemma!!! Anyway...where was I...


w/ Eva Spence and rest of the Rollo Tomassi outside Auntie Annies Befast

A week long Irish tour with Rolo Tomassi and a week long Scottish tour on our (We Come In Pieces) own has been amazing. Being in a touring DIY 'band' is a really privaledged position to be in. Its whole culture is like a bunch of people all united by a disregard for 'getting real' e.g. Getting a mortgage or even growing up. Belfast and Scottish people are lovely and helpful and we even got an interview with BBC radio Northern Ireland :)


above:Trying to hide the fact I am holding McDonalds in Edinborough/Middle Earth
below:Coastline of Scotland on the way to Glasgow

Been trying to appreciate it as much as possible, and even saw some feint glimmers of sheer happyness and security. But it has been rediculously hard to shake certain things going on in my head. Now if that bleak white elephant in the attic of my skull would gladly fuck off, I could get on with things.

...and yes 'Opium' is the biggest dive bar in Scotland.

///A PRIORI 2///

In other news I am fin-a-fucking-ly putting together, the second compilation of my zine 'a priori'. Expect some art, some interviews (ASIWYFA and possibly a very special Guest- wink wink nudge nudge), some existential introspective moaning (assuming I haven't loosened the knots in my head by then) and loadsa other shtuff... Till then, Adios!

Oh and True Grit is great. where did I put that Zanex.